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Quality Assurance

1. Working process

The equipment is manufactured strictly complied with country, industry and company standard. Also we learn advanced technology from aboard. The materials we selected is high quality and all the outsourced parts is selected with advanced, mature, reliable and safety ones. The high grade technology creates world top quality machines.The machine is famous for low trouble rate and high performance.

2. Company strength

Specialized in manufacturing filter machines for about 20 years. All management and engineers are qualified person. We have professional training system. All the project stuff and technician receive job training.

World advanced process machine guarantee product accuracy and the quality

3. Quality control

Company passed ISO9001 quality control system. We have strictly quality control process. From order plan, material purchase, manufacturing and inspection, from stuff to material, from outsourced to self made all is made and checked strictly as per control system.

4. Self inspection

Three inspection process before equipment delivered. Material check, parts processing check and whole machine pre-shipment inspection. Before delivery,self-inspection on goods quantity, models, weight and quality will be done. Also, we will present one inspection report.

After-sale Warranty

1. Warranty period

Warranty period and conditions: Whole machine warranty period one year(18 months from goods arrives at scene or 12 months after installation which comes earlier )

Exclusives: easy wear parts and out sourced parts, human causes or improper use is not covered

Warranty terms: Within the warranty period

1)  If any problems happen due to the design or material defection we will be responsible for the problem. First will try online communication. If online communication couldn’t solve we will send technician to the client factory for free. If needs to change parts, small parts will be sent by international courier. For big parts will be discussed by both parties.

2) If customer find that the goods has discrepancy in quantity, quality and model or certify that the goods are sent with defect please contact us within 7 days after receive the goods. We take actions to will repair or change the parts within 24 hours. Small parts will be sent by international courier. For big parts will be discussed by both parties.

3) If we didn’t take action within 72 hours after get buyer’s notice, the customer can take action by himself to avoid more loss. We will bear the risk and cost. The expense will be calculated based on the buyer’s bill

4) Outsourced parts include electric parts will be defined as per supplier’s warranty terms.

2. Lifetime after sales service provided

After warranty period, we will provide customer parts with cost price. If problem happens during operation, 24 hours online service is provided. If couldnt be solved under the request of the buyer, we will send technician to buyer’s workshop in buyer’s cost(including visa fee, air ticket, local cost like traffic, meal, commendation etc and technician’s salary).

Technical Support

1. Free 24 hours online technical consultant is provided

2. On-site technical support

1)Installation and commissioning please check the contract

2)Check the warranty terms

3. Technical training

1)Free onsite training is provided while installation and commissioning

2)After installation, if technical training is needed, customer can send technician to our workshop have free training or we can send our technician to train at customer’s cost.