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HXLX Fully Automatic Discharging Centrifuge
Product Features:
The HXLX fully automatic discharging centrifuge is a kind of centrifugal filtration device. The diversion type conical drum centrifuge with unique diversion device can adjust the duration time of the materials which can minimize the solid material moisture content. It can have very good effect on the solid particles larger than 30~40um.The fully automatic discharging centrifuge can be designed according to different scene and material conditions.It is widely used in the environmental protection of chemical, inorganic salt, sugar refinery, medicine, mining,brewing and urban sewage treatment etc.

1. Automatically discharging centrifuge is used in centrifugal filtration

2. Prevent uneven distribution of materials

3. The matching angle of the diversion groove can be adjusted due to different material characteristic. It has strong adaptability and wide range application. Also can change type and filtration media as per customer requirement

4. Automatic continuously, no need labour, high treatment capacity, high efficiency, working stable and reliable, no friction and few wear.



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