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Geermu Potash Fertilizer solid-liquid separation project
09 January 2023|1451 View

Project name: Geermu Potash Fertilizer solid-liquid separation project


1. Capacity:500 m³/h

2. Material characteristics:

Material Name: carnallite slurry

Ratio: solid/liquid 2/1.238

Material particle size:~0.15mm

Slurry ph value:ph:5.5~6.5


3. Service: design, manufacturing, technical service including installation guide and one-to-one after-sales service

Brief introduction: Geermu potash fertilizer company is the top 2 potassium chloride manufacturer in China. The equipment list is horizontal belt filter model DU-56㎡/4000 for potassium chloride solid liquid separation. Filtering area 56㎡ with three sections feeding and auto liquid discharge system. Every machine comes with 3 sets of air water separator. Vertical liquid discharge tank capacity reach 500 m³/h.The solid content rate of filter liquid <1%.

4. Equipment list;horizontal belt press DU-56㎡/4000.